Vulnerability is a necessary evil.

Sometimes we have to take a moment to be vulnerable and show transparency. It’s a time to take off our masks, open our doors, open our windows and let the world see that we are human. That we are not machines with constant smiles on our faces, sometimes, even when we are hurting inside. We look to those people we hope to support us and who have made us believe that they are in fact in our corner rooting us on, but just sometimes, we imagine that too. We place so much trust and confidence in others that we do not have the space to have confidence in ourselves.

Everything isn’t going to go right and it doesn’t always feel great when things are not going exactly how you planned.


But, it is in the action you take to get through it and passed it to get up and moving in the right direction again, that counts. It is all that counts. Every day is not supposed to be sunshine and rainbows. It is on those cloudy and gloomy days where we build character, get stronger, and make a decision to do better. To do better with how we treat ourselves, how we take care of ourselves, and how we show up for ourselves. It is a measure of who we truly are and if we are willing to go that extra mile for us because, hell, we deserve it. We deserve every ounce of happiness that is floating around our world. We deserve to claim it and claim our dreams, goals, life. It belongs to us.

My dreams almost got away from me because I wasn’t listening.


My mind was not open to what my heart had to say. I was so focused on everyone else. So, I had to start with changing how I looked at me. I had to begin putting myself first and knowing that I was most important. I have to say it again and if you have not heard me say it. If we do not start saying no more to what makes us miserable and yes more to what makes us happy, we will cease to exist.

Because without the word no, we would never get around to creating and living in our ideal life. We would never create the necessary boundaries or even make the time for ourselves. We would cut out the best version of ourselves, pack it away in a box, and put it on the highest shelf. But, that does not have to be the path that you or anyone of us takes. Your best you is healthy (mentally, physically, and emotionally), smiling, and happy from the inside out. The best version of you is ready to take a step forward and walk in your purpose. The best version of you is ready to design your life on your own terms and live in your Dreams Now!

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