unspoken thoughtsLosing is not always easy. Winning Is not always fair. The way we move through our circumstances delivers us into an open space. In this open space, we rarely speak up. This leads to creeping around with our heads bowed not expecting to be seen or heard. Though our thoughts are extremely loud, through this we have conversations with ourselves. The question becomes, do you enjoy this conversation or are you sinking into a dark space?

Sometimes it’s easier to live with unspoken thoughts when you are unsure of what the outcome will be if you say some of the things you are thinking aloud. Even easier to keep things to yourself if it involves speaking these thoughts aloud when someone else is in the room. Sometimes winning is conquering that fear. Remove losing as an option.

Are you searching for a revelation or have you become comfortable with being ordinary? Ordinarily these things would not be said out loud unless we are alone but here goes nothing.

Who are you to judge?
Why can’t I be everything I want to be?
If I could just lose this last pound.
Does anybody see me? Am I invisible?
I just can’t look in the mirror.
Does he/she even notice me?
I’m going to the gym today. I won’t lie to myself any longer.
If only I could fit this pair of jeans.
I wish I had better friends.
Is this business relationship worth it?
They don’t deserve me.
Why Me?
If only they walked a mile in my shoes.
You don’t really know me.
Stop criticizing me.
Lift me up.
Hold me.
I love you.
Don’t disrespect our relationship.
Stop complaining.
Leave me alone.
Please let me succeed.
Don’t let me fail.
I need you.

Take a moment and think about something that you have not said aloud, something you only say to yourself and add it to the comment section below. You just have to go for it. It will be some awkwardness or uneasiness initially. Take this time to speak out. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. It is okay to feel weird in these moments. It feels even better to be heard.