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The Confidence Architect

Cameasha “RM” Muhammad is a Lifestyle Transformation Coach, speaker, and author known as the Confidence Architect. She is the founder of Create Your Universe, an innovative program that focuses on mindset mastery to guide women to have the courage, confidence, and compassion to be who they truly are and break free of all limits that stop them from living the life they want to live. She is an avid believer in encouraging women to crush it and go for what they want while staying authentic to themselves.

Cameasha is the host of Unapologetically Me: Dare to be You on Motor City Woman Radio Network and a co-author of the anthology All I Deserve and More: Reclaiming My Time from the 9-5 Grind (May 2018). As a blogger for Crowned for Success, contributor for the Maverick blog, and a WomanSpeak Circle Leader, she empowers women to speak and live their truth.

Cameasha holds a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. She lives in Detroit with her husband and their Gerberian Shepsky and American Bulldog.


Excuse Hacks

You can either have excuses or you can get results. You can’t have both. We want to move forward but we often hold ourselves back by procrastinating and living inside our comfort zones which aide in us making and living in the excuses we make for ourselves. But their is a way to take action and live a life of results instead.

Release The BS

The art of letting go of the BS that is holding you back from living your best life and being your best you. Replacing the BS with good flora for your life.

Love You Enough to Give You a Chance

Making a commitment to love you enough to say enough is enough and step towards going for and living for you. No excuses. No BS. No Filters.

Maximizing Authenticity and Courage

How being authentic in everything that you do can bring you more happiness, fulfillment, and abundance. Aproaching courage from the angle of being your true you. Having the courage to show up and compassion for yourself.

Who Are You Really?

Showing up as who you really are versus who people think you are. Practical ways to build relationships, find your “click”, and move to have compassion for you…to show up as you.

Create Your Universe

It is important to learn how to choose you. We spend a lot of our time and focus on other people and we forget to be who we are Creating your universe helps you get clear, make a plan and take action to show people how we want to be treated and stay true to how we want to feel so that we can show up authentically as our absolute best self and live our ideal life.

The Power of Positive Thoughts, Energy and Action

How to switch your mindset to positively affect how you act, the energy you attract, and how you think or respond to life. When you apply positive, energy, thoughts, and action you actively eliminate negativity and barriers to success.

Just spreading a little motivation to release the bs and go for The Life You Want Now

Here to serve and Create a life that I can be proud of and live freely without regrets. Guiding you to do the same.




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