take chargeOn a late fall afternoon as the sky began to turn a dreary navy blue two friends were in awe sitting on a tree branch. They had two totally different outlooks on what a beautiful day it had been. Their chat had been going on for what had seemed to be 541 minutes. I know, an odd number right, but for such a small presence it could be extremely accurate. As the day passed there had been many fallen leaves which struck up a debate between the two lifelong friends. What does it feel like to fall, what happens, will it be the end?

Muffy stated, It looks grand. An awful lot of fun and could definitely be better than sitting in this tree forever. It could be a change of atmosphere, an opportunity for new things, a new start on life. I mean, we have been sitting here forever. I want to see what is beyond this tree. Like truly see. From here everything looks so small and unreal. I need a closer look. What’s the worst that could happen?

Tinsle responds with a crazed look in her eyes, WHAT’S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN? What do you mean what is the worst that could happen? Ever since the season changed we have been watching such a horrific scene. At first, to our delight, we began to change into beautiful oranges and reds brightening up the day and then… our friends and families just started being taken away in the wind. We watched as they glided slowly to the ground and there was nothing that we could do. The worst of it was we never heard from them again. You know what that means? It means that they had to die.

Why are you being so overdramatic? I doubt that they died. I bet they are on an adventure to learn even more about this place we call home. I am so excited to get my chance to take a leap.

Take a leap! Really.

Yes, take a leap. I want to open my eyes to new possibilities. Glide into a new atmosphere and share my awesomeness with someone I have never met before. I am a ready to take chances. We can’t just hang out here forever.
I will hang out for as long as I can because I just know that it will be a terrible fall. I’m not ready to take that plunge.

Oh just…

A gust of wind stronger than any that had blown that autumn overtook the conversation and the two began to be taken into the draft.

Noooo. I have to hold on longer, I am not ready. I can’t do this Muffy. Why is this happening? It is not the right time.

Just come on, go with it. I have been waiting just for this moment Tinsle. Let go. Just let it all go. We can start new. Sometimes it is the best thing to do. Oh my, this is going to be so amazing. Can you feel it?
Why! Why is this happening to me? I am too young to die. I know that this is going to be a tragedy. How can you be so happy for change? For falling from your life. What if this is our end? Why can’t you see how bad this is going to be?

I promise with change there comes more opportunity. I have such an amazing feeling right now. Riding the wind to bigger and better opportunities. Look how close we are. I can see it, we are almost there.

Oh no. It’s inevitable. We’re doomed.

Wow we made it Tinsle. Finally, I am so ready to take charge and live. Tinsle?

What? We made it. I’m not dead. I’m alive. I’m alive! live your dreams

See I told you we would make it. I told you we just had to take a leap. It was kind of forced but nevertheless we are here. Let’s seize the day.

I can’t believe we made it. I just have to lay here for a while.

No more wasting time. We sat up there in that tree long enough. Let’s start living, making our own choices, and creating our own opportunities. No more time for waiting.

I guess you’re right. We didn’t make it this far for nothing.

In our lives, we often sit and wait for opportunities to come that never show up. It is up to us to take the leap and create our own opportunities. Create the life that we want to live. There is no such thing as forever. Start in the here and now. Right now, is where it all begins. This is your time. You may fall but it is not the end.