But, it can also be painful and scary.

In this game called LIFE, we  encounter many people, places and things as we live. Each day, we are introduced to something or someone new. It is our choice whether to engage or to keep it moving. During the interaction, we decide whether there is good energy, bad energy, something to lose, or something to gain. We have to weigh the outcome of introducing this new person, place, or thing into our already cluttered lives. A big decision assist is whether this new person place or thing is going to create a positive energy or a negative energy in our life.

If the energy is negative you may want to consider not adding it. If the energy is positive you may want to proceed with caution. If the energy is undecided you have to decide if you want to take that risk or be OK with what is already present in your life.

Now, for the hard part. The people, places or things that already exist in our lives. What do we do with them? This is where it gets scary. This is where it gets painful. This is where you have to decide what is toxic, what is causing you to be miserable, and what is causing you to dread your day. And then, those are the things that you have to get rid of. It can be hard because this can be people you care about, things that you care about, and/or people you love, but in reality are no good for you.

We often decide to take the easy road out by avoiding or ignoring the fact that these current persons or things are unhealthy for us. We stick it out thinking that things will get better, that we can fix the situation, or, we just settle and keep them around. ¬†Yes, that’s the easy way, but it’s not the best way for us to take care of and put ourselves first.

If people can’t love you for who you are, if they can’t accept you for you and respect you, it’s time to start eliminating those people. People have to learn how to live around you and with you without trying to change you to fit them and their purpose. They have to meld into the life you are creating for you. If they do not fit lovingly, you must find the courage, strength, and dedication to yourself, to let them go. You are worth it. Create Your Universe.