Dare To Be You

30 Days of Self-Discovery and Increasing Confidence.

Stop People Pleasing, Create Boundaries, and Design a Life on Your Own Terms

Wait Don't Go Just Yet, Get Your Toes Wet

I have just what you need to dip your toes in.

Here you have the opportunity to do it yourself because you are just that great.

Inside of the Dare to Be You Journal: 21 Days to Self-Discovery and Increasing Confidence, you will begin a search to find who you truly are, begin listening to you heart and obliterating your fears, building your confidence and taking action. That action leads to creating forward movement towards making your dream, your reality. Limited quantity at this great sale price. Grab it before it’s too late!

I'm Ready To See Me

$37   $17

I'm here to show you that you do not have to continue to live for someone else's dream or play in the safe zone. You can follow your heart. You can be you and turn your dreams into reality! Let me guide you on how to love and be true to yourself while building confidence and slaying the hell out of your fears.


The saying goes something like it takes 21 days to make a habit and 21 days to break one. It's absolutely true. Proven scientifically. Self-love is a habit and it takes practice. Like when you are running a marathon or training for the olympics, it takes time to get good at it. Hell it takes even more time to get great at it. Confidence takes practice. We are all born with it but you have to access it to use it. It takes time and practice to be great. So, for 21 days we are going to be focused on building a habit of self-love, increasing confidence, eliminating fear, and learning to follow the true you.


Now I could offer you a toe dipper but I believe you are ready. Let me be your toe dip.

I'll Dip My Toe But I Want A Little Mo'


You are here and it is time to let the world know it. There is no need to hide and there is all the reason to let you shine. You have that inner voice that is constantly yelling at you, telling you what you really want to do. At this moment, we are going to begin to listen, while reaching for your greatness.

Get past yourself, you are the only one stopping you.

You can surely do it on your own because that is the power of you and being the amazing woman you are.

 But to sweeten the pot of tea just a little bit my Done With You 30-day Coaching Program is offered at a really amazing rate. Guess what, the Dare to Be You: 21 Days to Self-Discovery and Increasing Confidence journal is included in the price.

I'm Ready To Be Me

$597   $227

The Workings

Begins November 27, 2017

  • Begin on the search to seek and find who you truly are
  • Begin listening to your heart
  • Obliterate your fears
  • Build Confidence
  • Email Communication
  • Private Messenger Communication
  • Take action with support and weekly guidance from me
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Weekly videos and support calls
  • Create continuous forward movement that lasts
  • Crush Inhibitions
  • Live in your dream NOW

During the Next 30 Days We Will Powerfully Work Through

  • Who AM I: Discover, Redefine, or Reidentify who you really are.
  • Follow Your Heart: Are you willing to start listening and taking action
  • Release Your Fears: What are your fears? Are you ready to start slaying them?
  • Build Confidence: Seek your goals, live for you. live in your dream NOW.
  • Motivation: Building the motivation behind your confidence and heart's path.
  • Inner Strength: Burnout is not the final destination. Learning how to dig deep in a healthy way
  • Action: Goals, Goals, Goals and a plan of action.
  • Support: Continued support on your journey.

What Do They Have to Say?

Rhonda M. Rhonda M. , Fly High Virtual Assistant Service

I participated in Dare to Be You because I felt I was lacking in my business dealings and wanted to unwind and become more assertive in business. I was worried about pouring my woes out to strangers, but was really impressed with how the program was structured and made you dig deep. It was not just a surface scratcher. I would describe the program as fantastic and eye-opening. Cameasha is really knowledgeable and open to people. We came in as guests and it felt as if we left as friends. I would definitely recommend. I am feeling motivated and sure about what actions and steps I need to take next.

Gopica R. Gopica R., Rasath1

I chose Dare to Be You because I felt I could use a boost of confidence and I was excited to do some reflective work from someone else’s point of view although I was apprehensive to have to work at reconciling some pain from my past. I look forward to working more with Cameasha. There was a lot of value behind her strategies and I would like to delve deeper in one of her longer programs. Our work together was inspiring. I would recommend her programs and am feeling rejuvenated to begin again and continue on my journey.

Shahana K Shahana K, Singer, Songwriter

I love learning about new perspectives so I decided to join Dare to Be You. I didn’t know what to expect but was afraid that I would not be honest with myself. I was really impressed by Cameasha’s perspectives, she was very helpful and attentive. I am feeling good and applying what I learned. I would recommend her programs and am looking forward to working with her again.

Crystalline R. Crystalline R., CEO, Crowned4It

I participated in  Dare to Be You and decided to work with Cameasha because she brought reality into focus for me and gave me the tools I needed to be confidently me. She cares about both her work and her clients. I was really excited for the confidence I would gain to put in my business and personal life. I was worried that fear would get the best of me. I was really impressed how she taught me to feed my confidence and starve the fear in me. She loves what she does. She has a passion that drives her to build other women up. She honestly wants other women to succeed. Moving forward I am feeling inspired and motivated. I had a premium and powerful experience I would most definitely recommend Cameasha.

Oh Eff it I'm Jumping In


I'm absolutely stoked to let you know about my Dare To Be You 60 Day Jump-Start Your New Year Program. You will start in 21-Days to Self-Discovery and Increasing Confidence and continue into building goals, guiding your dreams, and living in your reality without even having to make a New Year's resolution. I will rock it out with you on through the new year.

I'm Ready to See Me

$1297   $547

Begins November 27, 2017

It's Getting Sweet in Here

I hope you like sweet tea or some damn good lemonade because it just got even better. If you are like I need to do this right now but you have that creeping doubt about time, commitment, COST? I have the remedy, so take a sip and sit right here.

The time and commitment are up to you. You put in as much time as you have and we will help you find the time if you need assistance. EVERYTHING will be recorded so you can catch the replay, there is no one left behind.

Your commitment level is absolutely, completely up to you. You work around your schedule. At this time I am even offering you the opportunity to split your payment, which will only be for a limited time or until sold out. This program only has 10 spots available.

30 Day Program Payment Plan

2 Payments of $157

Today one payment $97 and one monthly payment of $137

60 Day Program Payment Plan

3 Payments of $237

Today $127 and 2 Monthly Payments of $217

Cameasha RM

The Confidence Architect

M.A. Forensic Psychology

Hi, I'm Cameasha RM

Hi Luvs, I am Cameasha.

The Confidence Architect. I guide women in identifying and overcoming their fears to build confidence so they can be who they truly are and live in their dream NOW. Why?

Because just a few short years ago I was where you are.  I was pleasing everyone but myself, taking care of others before I took care of me, living in someone else’s expectations, and putting my dreams on the back burner.

But, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to be my authentic self. I stopped caring what people thought, how they perceived me, and what they wanted for me. I started caring about how I saw myself and what I wanted to do. I stopped limiting myself, crushed my inhibitions and decided to be Unapologetically Me.

I have assembled the Dare To Be You Program full of guided prompts, affirmations, inspiration, and a road to confidence building with you in mind. My goal is to help you slay fear, build confidence, and be who you truly are so that you can live in your Dream Now.

Moving from pleasing others, being who they want you to be, to truly defining who you are and saying to hell with anyone else’s expectations. You do not have to settle. Reach for your greatness.

Stop living for others and neglecting you. Start that business you have been wanting to start, go to college, apply for that new position, take that trip you have been putting off, become an entrepreneur and live in your dream instead of someone else’s.

You do not need anyone’s permission to be who you truly are. Be You. Be Fearless. Be Unapologetic.

I’m here with you.