Be Bold be fearless be Authentic

Stop Conforming For Everyone Else. Take action to create a universe that is specifically for you and start being intentional with living the life you want outside of the dreamworld.


What will you say?

Is it funny to get up day after day dreading doing that thing you don’t really like, but feel obligated to do? How we don’t show up for ourselves the way we show up for everyone else. Hiding behind all the cockamamie (or absurd) excuses that we concoct to feel “safe”. When it’s really just easier.

I mean- isn’t it silly that we don’t want to work hard for ourselves?  But we put it all on the table to please everyone else.

(Hell, why don’t we just crawl into the box and tape it up? Maybe not, that would be “too hard.”)

And I know, it gets hard.I have been there.

Showing up and showing out when everyone was going to benefit from my hard work, except for me. When it came to doing something for myself I always had another excuse waiting to be used.

You know what? Let me show you just how silly it looks.

Call from some company interested in my services: “Hi, I heard you had an amazing speech that could help women find the courage to be who they truly are. We’ve heard amazing reviews about you helping women be confident in themselves and going after their dreams. We’d like to hire you to come out.”

Me being silly: “Ummmm… well, I am going to be a little busy watching movies and eating caramel apple empanadas. Sorry you considered me.

And I know, it gets hard.I have been there.

Message from some client interested in my greatness: “Hello you were referred to me by a friend and I LOVE your message. Do you offer any programs that can help 

me get back my courage? I really just want to stand in my power and walk in my truth.

Me being silly: “I am sorry they got your hopes up.I spend most days finding clever excuses to not show up and shine bright. Plus, I have very little time. I just decided I will be watching every season rerun of all my favorite shows.”

All joking aside let’s get down to it.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to wake up every day excited to be doing what YOU love to do? How about being exactly who you are, no sugar coating necessary? What if I told You that’s exactly what I do every day AND I want to help you do it too. If you’re ready to stop playing the silly excuse game and chase after what you REALLY want, I want you to choose your greatness.

wow, you made it here huh?

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a bunch of bells and whistles to get you loving and living the life you want. The truth is, I cannot make you do anything. (I‘m also not about forcing anyone to do things that they don’t want to do. Why? Even if you get it done, it’s not going to feel good and that would suck). However, what I will do is tell you what you will get with Create Your Universe and how it can help you live authentically integrating everyone and everything else into your lifestyle.



This is the time to Get Clear about walking into your greatness

Week 1: Imagining and Exploring Your IDEAL Life

Week 2: The Energy of Support

Week 3: Welcome Transformation

Week 4: No More BS: Identify Your Boundaries and Prepare to Put Your Foot Down

MONTH 2: Release

Take action to let go of the Old and Welcome the New

Week 1: Identify the Pains of Your Past Life

Week 2: Confront the Hindrance of Unworthiness

Week 3: Design Your Universe

Week 4: Walk Into Your Greatness

MONTH 3: Create

Alright now! Implement Your Design and start Living in Your Universe.

Week 1: Create Your Universe

Week 2: Let’s Get Intentional

Week 3: Action on Action

Week 4: Reflection to More Action

Come on in and join me in being great and start giving yourself a chance. Click below

Are You Making Finances an Excuse? Well, Don’t Do Yourself That Injustice.

I Made It Easy with Just

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Plus 3 Payments of  $247

Hi, I’m Cameasha

If you get into the heart of what I really do and why, you’ll find I lay my heart out for my clients and create a safe, open, and family-like environment to first let you know you have a place where inclusiveness is most important and you are encouraged to be who you truly are. My heart, mind, soul, and ears are truly open to listen to what your heart is truly trying to release. Not the stuff on the surface that underlying thought that comes out every once in a while. The fear and hesitation. What you are saying, just not out of your mouth.

You may think I coach women on how to be confident. I do. What you might not know is I show them how to live more fulfilling lives and going after their dreams

  • While having a family
  • While pursuing their degree
  • While caring for a loved one
  • While working a 9 to 5
  • While (insert your hesitation, distraction, excuse, hold up, slow-down, hindrance, saboteur, deterrent here)
  • AND also being exactly who you are. No BS, No Chaser. Your absolute best self.

I show you how to integrate everything around you into your lifestyle where you create and design YOUR life, on YOUR own terms and teach everyone else how to coexist with you.

I help you create an impermeable self-loving environment on the inside and outside. I guide you in laying a solid foundation for success while aligning what you really want in your life with your mindset and your actions.

Including breaking bad habits and replacing them with positive habits that cause forward movement in your life.

Believing in yourself, putting and loving yourself first and realizing your worth and putting that worth into action, unable to be affected by killjoys i.e. soul suckers.

In the odd case you are affected by killjoys, I help you put a plan in place for resiliency so that you can get back up or cushion the fall so that you are barely affected by it at all.

How do I do this? I open up my world to you and lead by example. Offering a loving nudge. Yes, I said loving nudge. I pour my everything into you succeeding in transforming your life into one you want to live and where you can wake up and without a doubt say you are HAPPY. Where you are confident in your power.  I am passionate about you living your absolute truth, discovering your purpose and then walking in it without fear or apprehension. But, I will not and cannot do it for you. You have to put the work in.  I show you the real deal no chaser. 

p.s. if you made it here. I only have one question. What are you waiting for!?!