A.K.A. The Confidence Architect, guiding women to gain the courage, confidence, and compassion for who they truly are so that they can show up boldy, fearlessyly, authentically to live the life that they want to live no excuses, No BS, only results. You are worth it.

Helping You Move Through The Excuses and Take Action

Getting You From Your Now to Your Next

Unlock Your Life. Crush the Excuses and Live.

A few short years ago I was where you are.

I was pleasing everyone but myself, taking care of others before I took care of me, living in someone else’s expectations, and putting my dreams on the back burner all while making excuses of why I should.

My inner me was inside yelling obscenities at the life I was settling for because she knew how amazing I was and where I could be at that moment. But, the safe me was okay with just getting by. Have you ever felt that way? Torn between reaching for your greatness and settling for what you have?

For a while it was okay and then it started to feel fraudulent. I wanted to return to my authentic self.

That’s exactly what I did.

I stopped caring what people thought, how they perceived me, and what they wanted for me. I started caring about how I saw myself, and what I wanted to do. So I stopped limiting myself, crushed my inhibitions, overcame my excuses and decided to be Unapologetically Me.

And I emerged from my shadow.

Turns out, I was the only thing holding me back.

I am going to help you start your path to that same freedom. Gaining confidence, help to begin crushing fears, losing the excuses and getting you on the track to loving you for exactly who you are. You do not need anyone else’s permission to Be who YOU truly are

Schedule Your Coffee Break. No More Waiting.

30 Minute targeted strategy session

Bring your excuses and leave with results.

Form a plan of action to carry out in a week.

Begin on your journey to live the life you want.

Goal Crushing

Are you stuck and have something you need to get done but it’s just not working. Let’s talk and set a plan of action in place to get results.

Relationship Evaluation

Are you struggling with putting yourself first and feeling that you are obligated to keep persons in your life who serve no purpose and only make it worse. Let’s talk.


Do you feel beaten up and wore out but don’t know how to commit time to making sure you are well oiled and running  to live your best life. Let’s talk

Career Advice

Are you looking to go for a new promotion, new job, or start a business but stuck on where to start because of a mindset block. Let’s talk.

What is a Coffee Break?
Who is it For?

A Coffee Break is a targeted micro goal strategy session to help you get past an obstacle or get unstuck with a specific plan of action.

It is for the woman who is read to make a change and take a chance on living the life that you want to live. Whether that is starting that business or side hustle, going for that promotion, getting things out of your life that do not benefit you and welcoming things that do. Any block that is stopping you can get the business and you can get results. 


Will I get results?

If you follow your plan of action and put in the work I can say with confidence that you will get results.

What issues can a Coffee Break resolve?

There is no one specific issue to resolve with a Coffee Break. If you are blocked or stuck in one place we can explore and get you moving within the time allotted.

How long is a Coffee Break?

This specific session is a half hour session.

Is a Coffee Break for me?

A coffee break is for anyone who is ready tomake a change, get past excuses, blocks, or stand stills and see results.

How often should I get a Coffee Break?

You can get a coffee break as often as you need to work through your blocks. If you would like to work on a more regular basis there are more options and programs available.

About Me

If you get into the heart of what I really do and why, you’ll find I lay my heart out for my clients and create a safe, open, and  family-like environment to first let you know you have a place where inclusiveness is most important and you are encouraged to be who you truly are. My heart, mind, soul, and ears are truly open to listen to what your heart is truly trying to release. Not the stuff on the surface that underlying thought that comes out every once in a while. The fear and hesitation. What you are saying, just not out of your mouth.

You may think I coach women on how to be confident. I do. What you might not know is I show them how to live more fulfilling lives and go after their dreams

  • While having a family

  • While pursuing their degree

  • While caring for a loved one

  • While working a 9 to 5

  • While (insert your hesitation, distraction, excuse, hold up, slow-down, hindrance, saboteur, deterrent here)

  • AND also being exactly who you are. No BS, No Chaser. Your absolute best self.

Move from what’s now. Set Your Goals. Take A Chance on you. Get to Your Next.

If You made it all the way here, I only have one question.

What are you Waiting for?