I am your lifestyle transformation coach, The Confidence Architect, guiding women to gain the courage, confidence, and compassion for who they truly are so that they can show up boldly, fearlessly, and authentically to live the life they truly want to live through Mindset work and positive reinforcement. You Are Worth It. You deserve it.

From Me to You

I would have to start my philosophy with my motto. Dare to Be Confidently You and Create Your Universe.

My business and life changed the moment I realized that she did not understand or realize her worth.  That she was more comfortable hiding in the shadows and creating excuses that were coupled with fear to walk in the light but never be seen.  When I realized that she was more than worth living the exact life that she could only dream of, her wildest dreams were meant to be reality. Because it was her duty to live and be exactly who she is walking with intentional purpose and living authentically, boldly, and fearlessly. No matter what. She deserved it and she is worth it.

That she was me and many other women who are ready to make a commitment to show up for themselves. I am the catalyst. I am here and ready to ignite your vision.

My Story

So I guess you may be asking well who is she and why does she believe she can help me. I am Cameasha Muhammad and I can say I was once where you are. Now, I am dedicated to helping motivate and inspire you to work harder to become the most successful you that you can be through readjusting mindset and injecting positive habitual behaviors into your lifestyle. It may sound cliché but one day something happened that made me kick into gear and realize that I was not living to my full potential. That I had a gift that I was not using, that was lying dormant going to waste. I knew at that moment that I had some behaviors to change and that I needed to do them right away to get out of the downward spiral that was occurring. I jumped into gear and accomplished that first goal. That first goal was making a commitment to wake up early. AS small as that sounds it was a big goal to accomplish for me.  I can say, I was really not living at all. It was an accomplishment that “simple” to get me into a reconditioned state of mind to start accomplishing SOMETHING. Some bigger feats came later, we will talk about them soon.

If you get into the heart of what I really do and why, you’ll find I lay my heart out for my clients and create a safe, open, and  family-like environment to first let you know you have a place where inclusiveness is most important and you are encouraged to be who you truly are. My heart, mind, soul, and ears are truly open to listen to what your heart is truly trying to release. Not the stuff on the surface that underlying thought that comes out every once in a while. The fear and hesitation. What you are saying, just not out of your mouth.

You may think I coach women on how to be confident. I do. What you might not know is I show them how to live more fulfilling lives and go after their dreams

  • While having a family

  • While pursuing their degree

  • While caring for a loved one

  • While working a 9 to 5

  • While (insert your hesitation, distraction, excuse, hold up, slow-down, hindrance, saboteur, deterrent here)

  • AND also being exactly who you are. No BS, No Chaser. Your absolute best self.


I show you how to integrate everything around you into your lifestyle where you create and design YOUR life, on YOUR own terms and teach everyone else how to coexist with you.


I help you create an impermeable self-loving environment on the inside and outside. I guide you in laying a solid foundation for success while aligning what you really want in your life with your mindset and your actions.


  • Including breaking bad habits and replacing them with positive habits that cause forward movement in your life.


  • Believing in yourself, putting and loving yourself first and realizing your worth and putting that worth into action, unable to be affected by killjoys i.e. soul suckers.


  • In the odd case you are affected by killjoys, I help you put a plan in place for resiliency so that you can get back up or cushion the fall so that you are barely affected by it at all.


How do I do this? I open up my world to you and lead by example. Offering a loving nudge. Yes, I said loving nudge. I pour my everything into you succeeding in transforming your life into one you want to live and where you can wake up and without a doubt say you are HAPPY. Where you are confident in your power.  I am passionate about you living your absolute truth, discovering your purpose and then walking in it without fear or apprehension. But, I will not and cannot do it for you. You have to put the work in.  I show you the real deal no chaser.

Next Steps…

Are You Ready? Wait, don’t answer that just take the leap and Dare to Be Confidently You.